Windsor Park School

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Leadership in Canada


Our school will work with Trickster Theatre for a week to make a show based on the theme “Leadership in Canada”. Our students will create stories that combine Leader in Me principles with an exploration of the people, the history and the landscape of Canada. A Leader in Me principle like “win/win” might be highlighted in a story about a “ camping trip on the West Coast of Canada” , or the habit/principle might be “Be Proactive ” , with a story about “ taking care of the fish stocks on the east coast”. Other stories might connect to Canadian History and current challenges. As developing leaders, students will be empowered to make these choices and connections. Students will also be engaged in all other parts of the show’s creation, including the movement, the music, the script and the props. They will all serve as actors in the show as well!

180 Students Participating

Total Project cost: $12,600
Funds raised so far... 50%