Co-create a performance with your WHOLE SCHOOL and professional artists based on your choice of theme.

This season we are back in schools creating live performances with students and teachers! Each class will get to create their very own play with one of our professional artists, and perform it to a live audience. In one week!

We are still accepting bookings for the 2022/2023 season.

We will be supporting schools applying to the AFA May 1 deadline for in-school theatre based residencies for the 2023/2024 school season. Grants of up to $15,000 per school are possible. 

What happens in a Theatre Residency?

We discover the show through a very simple group improv process. Our Trickster Artists begin by creating movement patterns with your students, the actors. Then we build the context around these patterns, developing the story and the dialogue.

Fundamental to the Trickster Process is our use of everyday items as props. Our actors improvise with plungers, bins, bamboo poles, pool noodles, scarves, and other everyday objects. On top of this, we bring the spectacle of our signature blacklight and shadow screen styles for theatre performances.

What's included?

Our Team…

  • Includes 2-10 professional artists
  • Works with up to 600 actors
  • Accommodates grades K-12

We’ll Provide…

Traditional residencies:

  • Professional lighting, sound, & curtains
  • Costumes for all students
  • Hundreds of multi-purpose props
  • 1-2 public performances

Mini Residencies (Coming soon!)

Live Storytelling and Science based mini residencies are coming! More information soon…

In ALL Residencies...

Every student will…

  • Learn about and explore the chosen theme
  • Learn to write better stories
  • Spend about 60-90 minutes every day working with a professional artist
  • Have full involvement in the process
  • Gain confidence in themselves and their talents
  • Perform in the show

Choose Your Theme

Focusing your residency on a specific theme makes it cohesive. Each class will create pieces of the performance that focus on topics within your greater theme. The theme can be anything you want, but here are a few common themes for your consideration.


Explore what it means to be Canadian. Students can present stories about the history of Canada, the landscape, the people, and the future of our country.


Looking at at what it means to welcome others to be part of their local, national and international family.

Finding the Balance

Reconciliation is an important topic in Canada. Explore the strengths of different worldviews as we find the balance between
two worlds.


Growth mindset, stress management, the effects of sugar on your body, or healthy sleep habits. Helping students connect with topics that will help them be happier and healthier

Global Issues

Act out global issues and learn more about the world. Extend your learning with the Kids Go Global website where we provide resources to run school projects & share student work.


Drawing inspiration from The Leader in Me principles, explore the leadership values that inspire our youth, helping students determine the steps towards their own success.

Literary Genres

Each class will create a theatre piece based on a literary genre, including  Science Fiction, Fables, Documentary, Detective Novels, Poetry, Historical Fiction, and more.


Create a performance about how Math is used in real world situations.  Included in the performances is a live-time projection outlining the Math that the students are using in their play!

Roots & Wings

Explore the history of your community, unearth stories about the past, celebrate your local heroes, and imagine what the future looks like in your community.


Explore the science curriculum by acting it out. We can create a physical understanding of any topic such as plant growth, flight, magnetism, and more.


Stories have been a part of all cultures since time began.  Classes will create and tell stories that will be performed for the audience at the end of the week. These stories will all celebrate the imagination of the students.

Explore Your Theme

We can create a show based on whatever you can imagine! Dare to dream – what ideas 
do you want to 
explore together.

Step One

Set up a meeting to discuss options.

Step Two

Choose a theme for your residency.

Step Three

We’ll help put together your grant application.

Available Dates

Residency Info Meeting


Sep 19-23

Springbank Middle School, Springbank


Paddle Prairie School, Paddle Prairie

Sep 26-30

Eleanor Hall School, Clyde


Gift Lake School, Gift Lake

Oct 3-7

Coalhurst Elementary, Coalhurst


Worsley Central School, Worsley

Oct 11-14 – 4 day week



Menno Simmons School, Cleardale

Oct 17-21

Holy Spirit Academy, High River


Hines Creek Composite, Hines Creek

Oct 24-28

Meadowbrook School, Airdrie


Two Hills School, Two Hills

Oct 31-Nov 4

Westsprings School, Calgary


Kateri School, Trout Lake

Nov 7-10 – 4 day week


Nov 14-18

Sir John Franklin School, Calgary


Lilian Schick School, Bon Accord

Nov 21-25

Banff Trail School, Calgary


Assumption Roman Catholic School, Oyen

Nov 28-Dec 2

Willow Park School, Calgary


École les Cyprès, Medicine Hat

Dec 5-9

St. Benedict School, Edmonton


Berry Creek Community School, Cessford

Dec 12-16

St. Mary School, Beaverlodge


AB Daley Community School, Nanton

Dec 19-22

Kemeyosek School, Edmonton


Buchanan School, Calgary

Dec 24-Jan 6


Dec 24-Jan 6


Jan 9-13

St. Patrick School, Camrose


Anne Fitzgerald School, Edmonton

Jan 16-20

Grovenor School, Edmonton

Jan 23-27

Highwood School, Calgary

Jan 30-Feb 3

David Thomas King School, Edmonton


Elizabeth Quintal School, Peerless Lake

Feb 6-10

David Thomas King School, Edmonton


York School, Edmonton

Feb 13-17

Wheatland School, Strathmore


Talmud Torah, Edmonton

Feb 21-24 – 4 day week



Fort Assiniboine School, Fort Assiniboine

Feb 27-Mar 3

Bowcroft School, Calgary


Breton School, Breton

Mar 6-10

Meyonohk School, Edmonton


Champion School, Champion

Mar 13-17

Mannville School, Mannville


St. Gabriel School, Fort MacMurray

Mar 20-24

West Park School, Red Deer


Thickwood Heights School, Fort MacMurray

Mar 27-31

Horace Allen School, Crowsnest Pass


C. Ian McLaren School, Diamond Valley

Apr 3-6 – 4 day week

Hawkwood School, Calgary



Apr 11-14 – 4 day week

Hawkwood School, Calgary



Apr 17-21 

Vera Welsh School, Lac La Biche


Noble Central School, Nobleford

Apr 24-28

Duclos School, Bonnyville


Westbrook School, Cochrane

May 1-5

Caernarvon School, Edmonton


Fox Creek School, Fox Creek

May 8-12

St. Kateri School, Grande Prairie


Hillside Community School, Grande Prairie

May 15-19

St. Dominic School, Calgary


Chief Jacob Bearspaw School, Eden Valley

May 23-26 – 4 day week


May 29-Jun 2

EE Oliver School, Fairview


Atikameg School, Atikameg

Jun 5-9

Mary Bergeron School, Edson


Little Buffalo School, Cadotte Lake

Jun 12-16

St. Theresa School, Wabasca

Jun 19-23


Jun 26-30



Sep 11-15: OPEN 
Sep 18-22: OPEN 
Sep 25-29: OPEN 
Oct 2-6: OPEN 
Oct 10-13: OPEN
Oct 16-20: OPEN
Oct 23-27: OPEN
Oct 30- Nov 3: OPEN
Nov 6-10 OPEN 
Nov 13-17 OPEN 
Nov 20-24 OPEN 
Nov 27- Dec 1 OPEN 
Dec 6-10OPEN 
Dec 11-15OPEN 
Dec 18-22OPEN 
Jan 8-12 OPEN 
Jan 15-19 OPEN 
Jan 22-26 OPEN 
Jan 29- Feb 2 OPEN
Feb 5-9 OPEN
Feb 12-16 OPEN
Feb 19-23 OPEN
Feb 26-Mar 1   OPEN
Mar 4-8 OPEN
Mar 11-16 OPEN
Mar 18-22 OPEN
Mar 25-29 OPEN
Apr 1-5 OPEN
Apr 8-12 OPEN
Apr 15-19 OPEN
Apr 22-26 OPEN
Apr 29- May 3 OPEN
May 6-10 OPEN
May 13-17 OPEN
May 21-24 OPEN (4 day week)
May 27-31 OPEN
Jun 3-7OPEN
Jun 10-14OPEN
Jun 17-21OPEN 
Jun 24-28OPEN 

If you want us to come to your school to do an in-person residency. Talk to us to discuss available dates, costs, AFA grants, possible themes and any other questions you might have. If you decide to book, we can start that process too.


What works best for you?​


50% or 75% Funding possible

Up to $15,000

Grant Writing Support

Accessible Help Files

Artists & Education Grant

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) provides residency program funding assistance directly to Alberta schools. The annual application deadline is May 1, which may provide funding for projects in the following school year.

See it in Action

What Teachers are Saying

The patience of the staff, enthusiasm, patience, flexibility make these performers, program and final performance exceptional. I can see everyone really puts their hearts into making it the best for children and staff. My kids left wanting MORE from Trickster!!!! 

- Michele Meijer, Waverly Elementary School, Edmonton 2019-20

Trickster helped our students come alive in physical theatre and showed them another way to learn. Students were enthusiastic, creative, took risks and looked invincible on stage. Students have created memories that will stay with them for many years to come.

- Barb Davis, Waverly Elementary School, Edmonton 2019-20

Trickster Theatre was a special experience for our staff, students and community. Our students were fully engaged and empowered to bring their ideas to life. Trickster was able to help create memories that will last a lifetime!

- Brian Pedersen, École Danserau Meadows, Beaumont 2019-20

From start to finish the trickster staff and artists made the residency process easy and enjoyable. The residency week was one of those peak moments in life that the students will always remember.

- Karina Miller, Mannville School, Mannville 2018-19

If you ever have the opportunity to have Trickster take over your school for a week do not turn it down! This non-stop, fun filled residency will have students learning in a whole new way. Some students that are struggling with personal trials were able to bond with their classmates and forget their troubles for a little while they were learning and that was the most beautiful thing to see.

- Jenn Thompson, St John Paul II Catholic School, Grande Prairie 2018-19

If you are looking to enhance your connection with your community, Tricksters is your key. What about staff collaboration and energizing students? Tricksters ties the performance philosophy into every day of the residency. Students learn about physical theatre, themselves, and their teacher. The teacher learns about how students can shine when offered a different learning approach. Teachers learn about their peers and develop a shared knowledge of the theme. It can be inspiring. Take the chance. Check out Tricksters!

- G.LaCoste A.B.Daley School, Nanton, AB 2018-19

Trickster Theater interacted with every student in our school. The week was a great experience for our students. The final show was outstanding; and the students were glowing with pride!

- Penny Messom - Greentree Elementary, Drumheller 2018-19

I like the fact that the Residency Tricksters allow the students to play a big role in creating this moment. It was about the students. They created the play and acted the play. It allowed the students to show their hidden talents.

- Yvette, Rainbow Lake School, Rainbow Lake 2018-19

Students thoroughly enjoyed the week. It was amazing to see what students could do with a simple idea. Students creativity and strengths came through in their performances and their confidence in their storytelling abilities grew over the week.

- Dara Taylor, St Catherine School, Grande Prairie 2018-19

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