Collingwood School

What is My Relationship with the Land?


Students will begin their exploration of the theme of What is My Relationship with the Land? in their new classes through class discussions at the beginning of the school year. The global COVID pandemic of the past 18 months will have brought into sharp focus the ways in which our world is interconnected and the importance of taking action for the common good of our planet. This will be followed by presentations by First Nations elders about indigenous ways of knowing and the importance of learning from the land. Students will go on walking field trips to nearby natural areas such as Confederation Park and Nose Hill to sketch, journal and make observations. Teachers will also facilitate class and student research into a variety of environmental issues related to the land such as habitat loss, natural disasters, species diversity. Following these field trips and research, Trickster staff will support teachers and students with advice and suggestions as to how to use the “Kids Go Global” website (This is a site developed and managed by Trickster Theatre) to access videos and online resources to help inspire and direct student inquiry into global and local land and environment issues.

575 Students Participating