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Frequently Asked Questions

We do residency for all grades K-12! You might find us in K-9 schools more often, but you will find us working with High School students as well, as the residency program is engaging and fun for any age of student.

Yes! Or the science teacher, math teacher, language arts teacher, principal, administrator. Many people assume that it’s the drama teacher who makes all the arrangements, but often it’s not. Our residencies can explore any subject or curriculum. At Trickster Theatre, we customize a theme specific to your school, then build a show based on that theme! You don’t have to be a drama teacher to book a residency. This program is for anyone who values kinesthetic learning, or learning through story. Click here to take a look at some common themes.

When Trickster Theatre comes into your school, our artists will be working with all the students in the school. We create a show with the entire school and all the classes. Each class creates one scene, and all the scenes will be performed together in the final performance at the end of the week. That said, we are always developing and updating our programming. So if you’d like to discuss what may be possible with just one class, then please contact us.

The cost of each residency is determined by many factors. Such as, size of the school and the number of artists required (1 artist per 3 classes), distance from Calgary or Edmonton, unique accommodations or requirements. Once you’ve booked a residency we will fully assist and support you with applying for a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA). This grant can cover up to 75% of the cost in rural areas, or 50% of the cost in urban centres. If your grant application is not successful then you are under no obligation to do the residency. Or we will come up with a “Plan B” to do a reduced version of the residency and still be able to work with your students.

After receiving the 50-75% funding from the AFA, schools are responsible to cover the remaining amount which usually averages out to be a few thousand dollars. Schools typically pull from their budgets, or fund raising efforts to cover this cost. Anywhere from 75-100% of the schools that apply typically receive the grant each year.

Yes! Absolutely! We strive to make a very inclusive program, and many students “find their voice” through theatre exercises and practices. In the past Trickster Theatre has worked with a wide range of special needs students. Anyone can participate! One example is Emily Follensbee School, watch here (video).

Yes! We do residencies in French Immersion schools, however, we cannot offer the classroom workshops entirely in French. We do have some French speaking artists. Though we cannot guarantee their fluency would accommodate an entirely French workshop. The final performance can be translated and done in French, with the help of the students and teachers.

Our company works in schools across Alberta to help communities tell their stories of place. These communities are diverse in their makeup; we recognize that our company has not reflected this diversity. We acknowledge that in our time as a company we have not always worked in a way that benefits all people. It is time to look at the way we operate and take the needed steps to do a better job of creating a safe and welcoming space where everyone is represented. See our commitment