Code of Conduct & Workplace Policies

All policies are applicable to Trickster Theatre Society and its Directors, Officers, Employees, Contractors,

and Volunteers (hereafter referred to as ‘members’).

We are committed to conducting Trickster Theatre’s business affairs and operations in a manner that will ensure Trickster Theatre is recognized within our community as having and maintaining the highest moral and ethical standards as well as operating with integrity and as prudent managers of our fiscal and human resources.

We are committed to fostering friendly and positive working relationships between all members, based on mutual respect, fairness and openness.

Personal Conduct

Conduct on the job should be governed by good judgement, honesty and fairness, consideration of others, and respect for safety and efficiency. Members are encouraged to be a positive ambassador for Trickster Theatre and to conduct themselves in a professional manner in all business situations.

Members must not participate in activities that may compromise Trickster Theatre’s image or reputation. This includes activities that would disparage, defame, embarrass or harass Trickster Theatre, its members, clients, or students.

All members are responsible for ensuring that they do not report for work or conduct their work while in an impaired state caused by the consumption of alcohol and/or the use of illegal/illicit drugs. Violations or suspected violations must be reported promptly to your supervisor, the office, or the Board of Directors.

Discrimination & Harassment

All members are expected to comply with the Alberta Human Rights Act and not to discriminate by reason of race, religious beliefs, colour, gender, mental or physical disability, marital status, ancestry, age, place of origin, family status, source of income or sexual orientation.

All members, students, and clients, have the right to a harassment-free and discrimination free environment. We are committed to ensuring that all members are treated fairly, paid appropriately, hired and promoted without discrimination, in accordance with the principles set forth in federal and provincial human rights legislation, and that no member is subjected to workplace violence or harassment. Trickster Theatre’s actions will be consistent with accepted labour standards, and we will support the protection and

observance of human rights and individual freedoms.

Trickster Theatre views harassment, including sexual harassment and discrimination, as unacceptable behaviour that will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary measures up to and including dismissal.

Youth Safety Code

As a reputable child-serving organization, Trickster Theatre has developed a Youth Safety Code of Conduct to guide our members. The safety, rights and well-being of the young people we serve are at the core of our daily operations. We nurture supportive relationships with them while balancing and encouraging appropriate boundaries. Members are required to abide by these guidelines.

Conflict of Interest

Members of Trickster Theatre need to effectively identify, disclose and manage any conflicts of interest in order to protect the integrity of Trickster Theatre and manage risk.


Members will maintain the highest standards of confidentiality regarding information obtained directly or indirectly through their involvement with the organization. This includes information about clients, students, fellow members, funders, donors, member organizations, partners, employees, contractors and job applicants.


Recognizing that Trickster Theatre members participate in online conversations this policy provides the guidelines that should be followed when using any media to comment on any matter involving Trickster Theatre.

Members using social media to comment on any matter involving Trickster Theatre must adhere to Trickster Theatre’s 1.6 Media Policy. This applies to expressing views by any medium, including in print or via the internet.

Media inquiries, regarding the organization’s operations, policies and priorities as well as regarding all topical issues should always be referred to the Marketing and Communications Director, who is responsible for directing inquiries to the appropriate person for response.


If a member has a grievance or complaint, they should make a written report through the formal incident reporting process of the organization rather than through any informal means such as but not limited to conversations with other members, email, gossip, informing members of the public, social media, etc.

Your report will be handled promptly, discreetly and professionally by a Trickster Theatre Board Member who will act with transparency, openness and responsiveness to member concerns. Discussions and

inquires will be kept in strict confidence to the extent appropriate or permitted by policy or law.

Incident reports can be made by submitting the form here.