As a not-for-profit organization & registered charity we count on the support of our community to deliver the “out-of-desk experience” that empowers youth of all socio-economic backgrounds and learning abilities to reach their full potential.

Every charitable donation is eligible for tax credits.

What does Trickster need funding for?

Video Equipment

Video equipment is used to create digital performances with classes when we can't have live shows.

Sound & Lighting Upgrades

We bring professional level theatre gear into schools and want to provide the most up-to-date and safest experience possible.

Artist Training

Professional development and training for artists is an important part of our company in order to provide the best experience for schools!

Support a School

There are many schools that need additional help with funding in order to bring live theatre to their students.

Storytelling Development

We are constantly working to improve the way that we deliver our Storytelling Through Theatre program.

New Online Programs

Our goal is to bring theatre to as many communities as possible - both through live and online workshops.

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Trickster helped our students come alive in physical theatre and showed them another way to learn. Students were enthusiastic, creative, took risks and looked invincible on stage. Students have created memories that will stay with them for many years to come.

- Barb Davis, Waverly Elementary School, Edmonton 2019-20

Trickster Theatre was a special experience for our staff, students and community. Our students were fully engaged and empowered to bring their ideas to life. Trickster was able to help create memories that will last a lifetime!

- Brian Pedersen, École Danserau Meadows, Beaumont 2019-20

If you are looking to enhance your connection with your community, Tricksters is your key. What about staff collaboration and energizing students? Tricksters ties the performance philosophy into every day of the residency. Students learn about physical theatre, themselves, and their teacher. The teacher learns about how students can shine when offered a different learning approach. Teachers learn about their peers and develop a shared knowledge of the theme. It can be inspiring. Take the chance. Check out Tricksters!

- * G.LaCoste A.B.Daley School, Nanton, AB 2018-19