Manning Elementary School

You Can Make a Difference (Health and Wellness)


The Trickster Residency involves a week long (five days) process that actively involves
staff and students in the creative process of writing, staging and producing a theatre
Production. Our show will be based on the theme- You Can Make a Difference (Health and Wellness).

Students will be very busy this week. They will be working with the Trickster artists to develop the story lines, movement, set the dialogue, choose music, costumes and props. They will all be very excited to act in the show too!

As a school we recognize the importance of personal and global health and the citizenship responsibilities that are related to it. We would like to use this topic to emphasize the understanding of what personal health is and how to take care of ourselves to our younger students. Understanding the messages our bodies are sending to us is a life skill that will be emphasized. As we move into mid-grades the topics of more specifically understanding your body’s signs and signals, self-regulation of behaviour and responsibility for individual health would become prominent.
We want to emphasize that our health and the health of our global family is to be valued and supported, both as individuals and a school community.Exploring this theme will also empower all of our students to share their voice, stand up for what they believe in and advocate for the opportunity to make choices that affect their personal and broader lives. Ultimately we would like the students to know that no matter how big or small they are, they can make a difference!

200 Students Participating