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Math, Math - It's Everywhere!


Our residency project is all about math. We will create a show called “ Math, Math – It’s
Everywhere! “that highlights math concepts related to the K- 4 curriculum. We will work with Trickster Theatre to create a show that makes this math easy and fun. Each class will choose a math concept in advance and we will then work with Trickster staff to identify some possible stories in which to use that concept. The classes will make the final decision as to which story to develop.

Stories might possibly be: Using fractions to figure out how much to feed the fish; or –
using scale comparisons to figure out how big dinosaurs were; or – using estimates to decide how much pizza to order for lunch. The math component will be made visible by using an overhead projector that will show a hand writing out or drawing the math in real time during the show. This will be a very good compliment to what is happening on stage.

500 Students Participating

Total Project Cost: $16,500
Funds raised so far... 75%

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