Janet Johnstone School

What Stories Does the Land Have to Tell? Quelles histoires la terre a-t-elle à raconter?


Hook: We are detectives of the land
Our goal is to have students connect what they learned about oral story-telling in
2020/21 to telling a story of what they have they have unearthed as “Detectives of the
Land” in 2021/22.

Students are expected to:
● Learn about their own family story
○ Connection to Alberta
● Learn about the history of the land around Janet Johnstone School
○ Who was here first?
○ What was it like in 1905?
○ How are students personally connected to Janet Johnstone School?
● Learn how to make a personal connection to the Acknowledgement of the Land
○ Express what living on Treaty 7 Land means to them

400 Students Participating