Exshaw School

Pathways to Success

MAY 16-20 | EXSHAW

Exshaw School would love the opportunity to work with Trickster Theatre to develop a residency in consultation with Elders, school staff and students. We would be exploring the idea of “Pathways to Success” as students explore their experience in both – Indigenous and non-Indigenous worlds.

This theme aligns with the Leader in Me principles which our school uses, where students determine the steps towards their own success. Drawing inspiration from The Leader in Me principles, this theme combined with the theme of Reconciliation will explore the leadership values that inspire our youth, helping students determine the steps towards their own success while understanding the history, hardships and culture of Canada’s early inhabitants. This show could also look at how modern lifestyle patterns affect our lives. This could be a theatre piece about the ways in which electronic devices affect our ability to maintain cultural traditions. This is something that the Elders are very concerned about.

We envision this process as collaborative with our staff, students, Elders and community. From the onset we would like to collaborate with our Elders and also have a local drum group that would be part of our show honouring the culture traditions throughout the activities. We want to showcase our students’ talents in writing, dancing, building the props, helping with the sound and performing. This will be a very student driven show, guided by the input of the Elders and facilitated by the artists from Trickster Theatre. It will be fantastic.

200 Students Participating