Chief Jacob Bearspaw School

Traditional First Nations Leaders in our Current World


We plan to have Trickster Theatre’s Residency program out to engage our students in different and innovative ways of approaching our theme of Traditional First Nations Leaders in our Current World. The program will begin before Trickster Theatre even arrives with school and class wide initiatives to promote the traits that make a good leader; learning about how Chief and Council, voting, and band systems work; as well as learning about First Nations leaders in different roles. Students will then work with a Trickster artist during the week of the residency to create a piece about leadership. This process culminates with each class performing their own original pieces based off of the oral and written history, work with elders, the culture teacher, their work in core classes, and work with Trickster Theatre. Every student will be involved in the final performance at the end of the week. We will be inviting our parents and families to watch this performance, and will also be inviting other community performers, such as dancers and drummers, to take the stage with us.

150 Students Participating