Eleanor Hall School

Plant and Animal Life Cycles


We sought the input of our teaching staff and selected Plant and Animal Life Cycles as the theme for our residency with Trickster Theatre. In this project students can explore the science curriculum and create a physical understanding of science topics related to plants and animals while working together to create an original performance.

Kindergarten to grade 9 students will all be involved in the brainstorming process and narrowing selection of the ideas, creating the script, choreography of scenes, selection of props and stage design, and of course they will all perform in the final performance. Our kindergarten students only attend two days a week so their input will be less than our full time students in grades 1-9. We intend to use their core academic class time to work on these skills. We also would like to have built in time where older students work with younger classes as well to enhance our objective of building greater community in our school.

300 Students Participating