Atikameg School

The stories we are inspired to tell - 1 week outdoor camp


We are very excited to invite Trickster Theatre into our community to do a residency project with our students. The residency will be a theatre oriented wilderness camp for our grade 5, 6 and 7 students. It will take place for a week at Lubicon Cree Culture Camp. The residency theme will be “The stories we are inspired to tell”.
Working with Trickster artists and guidance from Elders, we will create new stories that will be acted out and told around the campfires. The entire group of artists, school staff and students will stay at the camp in big canvas tents for the week, eating meals together and creating theatre.There is a big commercial kitchen at the camp, as well as bathrooms and showers.

Elders will most likely participate for smaller amounts of time, although one or two will remain for the whole week. At the camp we will listen to our Elders tell us the stories that will keep us connected to our families and culture. We will then create new stories from our imagination, inspired by the land and animals around us.

215 Students Participating