École Plamondon

Our Russian, French, Metis, and English Heritage


Ecole Plamondon School Students will have the opportunity to participate and interact with artists from Trickster Theatre in a production about Our Russian, French, Metis and English Heritage. The week will end with a public performance by the students from Ecole Plamondon School.

Trickster Theatre artists will work with each class helping them create a theatre piece on some aspect of our community history. Some of these will focus on the Old Believer Russian peoples coming to Plamondon in the 1970’s and everyone working together to overcome language and cultural barriers to become the strong, integrated diverse community that we are today. Other classes might look at our earlier history connected to the Metis and the first settlers. Classes will choose the stories they want to tell after gathering them from stories told by the members of the community and historical notes and books.

275 Students participating