Arrowwood Community School

Connecting With Our Community - Local to Global


The theme we will focus on will be “Connecting with Our Community- Local to Global”. Due to Covid our school has spent a lot of time “stuck in our own bubble”. We have had to cohort the students so that they are only able to socialize with the students in their specific class, and of course, no outside visitors have been allowed in, but we have also not been able to go out in the community for service projects or educational enhancement. Using the principles of the 7 Habits we will focus on ways to reconnect
with each other, from our school community, to our local community and our global community.

For example: a theatre piece that combines a Leader in Me principle like “Win-Win” with a situation like being able to participate in a national sports tournament. Or a Leader in Me Principle like “sharpen the saw”, set in a story about a mountain climbing expedition involving climbers from multiple countries. Or a story about “ First Things First” set in a community context of providing support for seniors and Elders in need, who have not been able to get the support they need during the lockdowns. The classes will invent these combinations that explore what life is like in and out of the bubble.

75 Students participating