Westmount School

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Go Green


Our school will work with Trickster Theatre to create a fantastic original show with our
students and staff. All of the students will contribute to the creation of the script, choreography, props and music and all of them will be performers in the show. Within the “Go Green” theme, there are many topics close to our students’ hearts! Students enjoy owning their learning and final products, being given the opportunity to help choose and find props and music and recognizing those choices within their final performance. Being able to develop a meaningful script based on prior knowledge students have researched before the artists arrive in our school will promote a personal connection to the theme and a deeper understanding of our theme.

We will have the chance to work with guest speakers who are experts in their field to
help increase our knowledge and understanding of these complex topics. Guests will be able to help us thoroughly understand topics by allowing questioning and responsive learning. Unique connections to choreography, music and sound can be made that may not be possible without an expert to guide us. We will also use Trickster’s “ Kids Go Global” website to research topics and to enable students to drive awareness campaigns (no fundraising) before and after the actual week with the artists.

400 Students participating

Total Project Cost: $17,200
Funds raised so far... 75%

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