Clarence Jaycox School

Pathways to Success


We are inviting Trickster Theatre into our school and community to explore the theme Pathways to Success. Each class will explore what success means to them through different topics, creating performances around the topics. They will look at the success in various forms such as the success of a community by the participation of its members, the paths to successful careers, and how to build successful relationships with friends, family, and community members. Looking into these topics will teach our students respect for our Elders, traditions, and history. It will also teach them to respect the land, the community, and most importantly help them build respect for themselves. Perhaps most importantly, it will focus attention on the student’s own lives and how they can define those goals and move towards them.

To research the Pathways to Success, students will contact people that they see as successful members of the community, specifically Elders. They will discuss the idea of success with these leaders, learning the steps they took to achieve success. Specifically, we will contact Bernadette Sharpe, Chief of the Loon River First Nation, to understand her pathway to success and invite her to the final performance. Students will also study historical figures of the Cree culture that contributed to the overall success of the nation. They will contact organizations throughout the province that contribute to the success of the FNMI population, such as the Alberta’s Future Leaders Program and the Aboriginal Youth Career Pathways.

350 Students participating