Vulcan Prairieview Elementary School

Vulcan - Forever Fantastic


We would like to bring in Trickster Theatre to help us create an original dramatic production. The theme of our show will be “Vulcan-Forever Fantastic”. We want to explore our local community’s past, present and future. It will fit in well with Vulcan’s 110th birthday and some new projects that have been happening in our area such as upgrades to our arena, ball diamonds and a new pool. We will explore events, industries and people that make our community and exemplify the changes through the years and how our community adapts and thrives.

Each class will create their own original piece based on how the community of Vulcan was in the past, is in the present or may be in the future. We want to celebrate our local roots and look more carefully at the history of our home. This may include interviewing relatives or community members, visiting (in-person or virtually) with our local history museum or doing some research online. Coming out of a hard year or two, students will help look at what is making Vulcan a great place to live, work and play now. Finally we want to look at what the future may hold. Being Vulcan, our community has a strong connection to Star Trek and is also a local and provincial leader in technological advancements such as solar power and internet speed. We want to focus not only on events but also tie these specific events and celebrations in which some of our character qualities that we have been exploring such as grit, humility, determination and integrity. We want to celebrate how far we have come as a community throughout not only the last century but also look at how we have continued to rally around the challenges that Covid has brought. We have been missing those strong community connections and think that this program is a great way to bring back to joy and relationships that have been strained over this pandemic. Despite not knowing exactly what the future holds, we want students to believe that they have a valuable role in making Vulcan, forever fantastic!

200 Students participating