Kateri School

Creating Pathways


The theme we will work on is called “Creating Pathways.” By using this theme, the Kateri School play will involve our students and community. This play will include Indigenous content, storytelling and dance. Historically, Indigenous people used the arts, oratory, and dance in various forms. We will cover topics such as Education, Language and Culture and Art. The goal is to help them feel proud of their culture and proud of who they are. This experience will also significantly improve the literacy levels of the students. Students’ involvement and engagement in Trickster will enhance their
classroom learning in all subject levels. Trickster will assist and build upon teacher planning. Students will become aware of their strengths and abilities. For some, standing in front of an audience and performing brings out their talents. For Indigenous students whose history has always been one of language, drama, expressive, and storytelling, “Creating Pathways” will build and bring forth their inner talents. Also, this program will get the internal tools to help them grow and the confidence to share their skills. Through “Creating Pathway”.

120 Students participating