Chief Crowfoot School

Community Pathways to Health


In our residency we will work with Trickster Theatre to create a show based on Health Issues. Our show will be called” Community Pathways to Health” and it will explore healthy habits at a personal, family and community level. We will look at dental health, mental health, what we eat, addictions, exercise, emotional patterns, technology addictions, life goals, community supports and historical influences such as colonization.
Students will discuss these issues with teachers and Elders prior to the residency and then choose a topic to explore in the residency. They will work with the artists to make a show. To do that, they will hello with all aspects of making the show. That will include the movement, the storyline and dialogue, the music, the props and the costumes. All of the students will act in the show as well – and be stars!

150 Students participating