Chief Big Belly Middle School

The 4 seasons - the great teacher


In our residency we will work with Trickster Theatre and create a show based on the theme: The 4 seasons – the great teacher. Student activities would include the development of the script, choreography, props and sound. And of course the performing! Students will be able to incorporate literacy into the project by being involved in the script making process. We will bring in the Tsuut’ina language as well. This program will allow our students to take part in drama, something we have little of on a daily basis. The 4 seasons are an important part of the Tsuu T’ina Language and culture as we are working towards incorporating culture into our daily curriculum.
The 4 seasons include:
1. Xaazini (Fall) Survival nature walk
2. Zask’a (Winter) Winter Walk.
3. Xadaguzidi Nature walk: Signs of spring
4. Ama (Summer) Nature Walk

All of our work with these seasons will include working directly with Elders and knowledge keepers. This includes learning to give thanks to the land before starting any walk. Also learning about the ways the earth changes in relation to the 4 seasons. We learn this by taking notice of our surroundings using our four senses: sight, smell, taste and sound. Our senses allow us to analyze the structures and read plants and animals’ behaviours that enable them to exist in various habitats. Walks were always part of Tsuut’ina history; with the seasonal changes, the people were always taught to learn about the seasons. Ways of survival were lived and practiced not long ago by Tsuut’ina.

200 Students participating