Botha School

Prairie Roots


In our residency with Trickster Theatre we would like to create a Prairie Roots show based on the farming/ranching culture and historical events that occurred in our community. This theme is extremely important and profoundly inspiring to our community.

Our school has a strong focus on literacy and we believe that this is a core skill that all students must have. Therefore, the plan for our residency is to create the show using a process that will focus on Literary Genres such as sci-fi, poetry, adventure, cartoons, mystery, how-to, and historical fiction. Our show will present the Prairie Roots theme through the lens of different literary genres. That might be: Cowboy poetry, how-to rope a calf, the adventures of a rodeo rider, stories from early ranching days done as historical fiction, and the excitement of a sci-fi about cows in space (just because we can). The classes will choose the subject matter and literary genre for each part of the show.

65 Students participating