Beam an artist into your classroom to lead the fast, fun storytelling process developed by Trickster. In each 75 minute session you’ll create an original story from a picture prompt.

These programs can be booked by the school or an individual class. 



4-6 Storytelling

FREE - Introductory Offer to a limited number of schools.

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Dig Deeper Into the Trickster Storytelling Process

Coming soon! You will be able to book us for a PD day workshop where we can show teachers from your school how students can create great stories quickly.

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What Teachers are Saying

Trickster Theatre does it again! Their online storytelling workshop was a huge success for my class and a creative way to work around the COVID restrictions that prevent guests from being present in schools. Clear and engaging resources were shared with us to support the process of story creation and telling during the workshop. We have used these resources several times in Language Arts class since! Our instructor Dani was engaging, spoke clearly, and demonstrated amazing classroom management skills...from a Chromebook! The students were challenged to think about storytelling in novel ways that brought out fun and creative ideas. Thank you Dani and thank you Trickster Theatre!

- Sabrena, Parkview School, Edmonton 2020-21

If you are looking for a new, active way of getting your students to write, the residency is spectacular. It takes everyone out of their comfort zone to get them to experience the story before writing it. Fantastic! 

- Valérie, Banff Trail School, Calgary 2018-19

Our Trickster artist, Alyson, was a cheerful, encouraging individual. She ensured all students voices were heard and she was focused on her goals during the presentation.

Renee, Fort Saskatchewan School, Ft Saskatchewan 2020-21

Thank you for another great week of learning and writing! Can't wait to see what happens between now and your next visit. 

- Teacher, École Joe Clark, High River 2018-19

As the week unfolded I could see the benefits of providing the movement patterns and the time to orally rehearse before writing. 

- Teacher, Elbow Park School, Calgary 2018-19

Thank you for coming into our classroom. My students were very excited to write their own stories after these workshops.

- Teacher, Highwood School, Calgary 2020-21

My class of diverse learners enjoyed this virtual field trip on storytelling. The ability to choose the final project allows the students to choose to do the retelling orally, pictorially, or in writing. The choice was their big buy-in factor. The storyboard pages are wonderful to let students make the choice in how they present the information (pictorially, written or a mix of both!) Our facilitator was kind, funny and kept the class on task. I wholly recommend this program to anyone looking to help teach students how to expand on an idea and provide more details. I will want to do this every year!

Tara, Meyonohk School, Edmonton 2020-21

This is a wonderful resource - especially for grade 6 teachers. It is a great way to practice developing a story from a picture prompt, which is exactly what is expected of students on the Language Arts PAT.

- Sarah, Noble Central School, Noble 2020-21

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Currently at capacity

We’re excited to announce that we’re at full capacity for our storytelling programs. Please check back in a couple months for availability.