Storytelling FAQs

In order to have a Trickster artist join your class virtually, you will require access to the following technology:

  • Two (2) working devices (laptop, computer, chrome book, Ipad, or equivalent) with internet access and at least one with adequate webcam capabilities. One will be used for the Trickster artist to see and interact with the class, the other will be used for the teacher to navigate the jamboard.
  • A working Smartboard or equivalent hooked up to one of the devices.

If you do not have access to these devices please contact us directly at [email protected] for us to find a way to bring this program to your classroom in a new and exciting way, or you can check out our other available programs at

When you schedule your workshop with Trickster Theatre, we will send you a personalized Google Drive folder for your class which will contain all pertinent information you will need for your workshop(s) and your jamboard.

Jamboard is an online whiteboard offered through G Suite. It allows users to collaborate in real time, view the same whiteboard platform, add text and images and brainstorm ideas.

At this time, we require the jamboard to be projected onto a smartboard or equivalent in order for the whole class to participate.

The online Storytelling course was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since many schools are limiting guests at this time, Trickster Theatre has pivoted to an online platform in order to continue bringing an interactive learning experience through drama, storytelling and creative expression. We will have no physical contact with you or the students although, depending on your school’s comfort level, your Trickster artist may direct students to stand and/or move around the classroom while maintaining physical distance. This can be discussed further in your pre-session meeting with your Trickster artist.

You will schedule a pre-session meeting with your Trickster artist that will take 30 minutes or less via Google Meet. In this session you will troubleshoot any technology issues, select a picture prompt to inspire your workshops, come up with your final assignment and discuss COVID-19 protocol.

You can sign up on our website or by contacting us directly at [email protected] 

The online Storytelling course is a pilot program designed to offer an interactive learning experience. Since we are still testing, evaluating and modifying our product we are happy to offer it at a discounted rate in exchange for your feedback.

  • Troubleshooting session – 30 mins or less (no students required at this time)
  • Online Storytelling course – Two 75 min sessions
  • Feedback form – 10 mins (no students required at this time)

At this time, we are offering this project only to individual classes on a first come, first served basis. We will offer the program until we are at capacity and then booking will no longer be available. We will reopen bookings monthly at which time, all educators are welcome to sign up again! Keep an eye on our newsletters for upcoming availability.

Trickster is a Calgary-based company and has offered programming to Alberta schools for the past 40 years. An added advantage to our online storytelling program, is that it can be available outside of Alberta and even internationally! The early hours offered in our availability are to cover educators who are in different time zones.

Your students and you will participate in the 2 day workshops which will lead you through our unique storytelling process. Each day, you will create ideas, organize thoughts and expand on a different story. The students will fill in a storyboard worksheet and practice telling their version out loud. After the workshops, students can complete a written assignment, act out their story or present their storyboards. There are many variations on what the final assignment can look like. This can be discussed further in your pre-session meeting with your Trickster artist.

This program is extremely versatile. We have been testing out many versions of this course and are able to adapt according to each class’s individual needs. This program is best suited for grades 3 and above.

We want to be able to offer this program to a wide range of learning environments. Since shut downs, protocol and individual needs are constantly changing, we are trying to be as accommodating as possible to meet the needs of each class. Whether your class is all in one location or individuals are logging on from home, we will make the workshop work for you. This can be discussed further in your pre-session meeting with your Trickster artist.

Trickster Theatre is proud to offer a program that encourages students to practice these skills:

  • Oral storytelling
  • Presentation skills/Public speaking
  • Story structure
  • The importance of planning ahead
  • Beginning with the end in mind
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Creative thinking
  • Analysing and responding to a picture prompt