We are currently modifying our online science program to be delivered LIVE in the classroom. We expect it to be ready to book in the Calgary and Edmonton area in 2023. We’ll be acting out sky science, colour, light and shadow and everything else in the Gr. 16 science curriculum.


The program will be available as a day-long program involving  4-5 classes per day acting out units from the curriculum. The artist will use a slide show on the smart board to show the science, as well as animations to show how to  act it out. The artist will lead the process of acting it out, creating an exciting learning opportunity. Schools will be able to book multiple days if desired.


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What Teachers are Saying

Dig Deeper Into the Trickster Science Process

It works because students better remember what they actually do. We can come closer to a more complete understanding of how things work by acting them out.

It enhances all student learning by providing a methodology for kinaesthetic learning.

Trickster Theatre helps students understand science concepts through acting and movement!

- Kelly, Janet Johnstone School, Calgary


This was an awesome way to the cover many of the outcomes in the Sound and Hearing unit! I didn't know that echolocation, sound waves, amplitude, volume and vibrations could be so fun and interactive!

- Marie, Glenbow Elementary, Cochrane


Trickster Ryan did a great job of leading the 4 sessions for my 2 classes. He was very accommodating in sharing the teaching portions and was very good at speaking to the class. He was a definite factor in my enjoyment of participating in this project.

- Shane, Ernest Morrow School, Calgary


Great job. Our presenter was very engaging and personable. By the end, our students were able to demonstrate the concepts through movement.

- Jeremy, Valley Creek School, Calgary


Giving students a chance to act out "out of this world" concepts is a great way to solidify their understanding of complex processes.

Regan, Greentree School, Drumheller


Coming soon! You will be able to book us for a PD day workshop where we can show teachers from your school how students can learn science by acting out key concepts.

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