Attitude of Gratitude

Dec 5-9 | Cessford

Grades K-12 | 87 Students

Berry Creek school strives to develop opportunities for students to feel connected to their school and community, at the heart of their education is a deep understanding that students who feel seen and heard arrive ready to learn. However being a rural location is is often difficult to provide opportunities to engage students in the area of drama, art, and music. Berry Creek and Trickster Theatre are excited to bring a residency to provide a valuable chance for students to explore their passion and talents within the fine arts by immersing themselves in a program area where they have limited access and opportunity.  Students and staff have worked to develop and exhibit an attitude of gratitude, especially in the face of challenges or the unknown. We will celebrate this commitment and express appreciation for the many positive people, events, and moments in our individual and collective experiences. The residency will serve as the kick off to a larger gratitude movement within the school and community. 

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