What Does A Residency Look Like Now?

Next week, over 400 students at John D. Bracco school in Edmonton will be participating in the first Trickster Theatre Residency of 2021!

For anyone who has done a Trickster residency, and for all of us here at Trickster too, the big question is: What does a Trickster Residency look like now? All live performances are cancelled. Visitors aren’t allowed in the schools. Nothing is like it was just a short time ago.

However… we’ve come up with some new and exciting ideas. The show must go on!

Last night, in an empty school, one of our artists was permitted to set up and leave filming backgrounds and equipment in the classrooms. The students will be filmed while the artist is virtually beamed into the classroom, and the stories created will be edited and shared!

We’ve invested a lot of time and money to make the pivot to video. We’re waiving the week long format and extending each residency to whatever length is necessary to be successful, and we will adapt and customize for each school! We can’t wait to virtually visit your school – click here!