Tricksters at Home launched!

TRICKSTERS AT HOME is a series of interactive videos where our Artists digitally connect with students to help inspire them to create, tell stories, and continue to learn through theatre practices, crafts, writing and so much more.

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On March 15th we were devastated to hear that schools were shutting down and our season had been cancelled. Of course, this was understandable and necessary to keep everyone safe during the crisis. These are certainly challenging times for everyone, and all of us here at Trickster were heartbroken.

Usually, we go into schools, but this isn’t possible right now. Each one of our Artists is very passionate about the work. There’s no better feeling than watching children create, learn, grow, overcome their fears. We miss creating that “Theatre Magic” in the schools!

As we say though… the show must go on!

We want kids to imagine, create, and find the confidence to express themselves through story. We want kids to have fun using theatre techniques to learn and form memories that may last a lifetime! The question was, how do we do that while everyone’s stuck at home?

So what did we come up with? Tricksters At Home!

These free videos feature the Trickster Artists you know and love.The videos include fun techniques they can use to create stories with everyday items they can find at home. Parents can sign on to allow kids to share and upload their stories to the Tricksters At Home collection, making this a uniquely interactive experience.

Our goal is to offer a quality educational experience offering new ways for Trickster Theatre to engage with students! We want to make this programming accessible, inclusive, useful and fun for students, educators and children everywhere.

We’re thrilled to invite everyone to join our Tricksters At Home!