Free Storytelling Workshops When You Book A Residency

We’re now offering Free Online Storytelling Workshops for each class when you book a Residency for 2021-22

Our new On-line story telling program, that beams an artist into your classroom via Google Meets to create a group story from a picture prompt, has become super popular. So much so, that we are training a full team of artists to deliver it to the hundreds of classes that have signed up.

We’re so pleased with the response to the program that we’re going to give your school a free storytelling workshop (75 minute each) FOR EACH CLASS in your school,  if you do a Trickster residency in 2021-22 **.   

Your residency can be:

1. In our traditional theatre story based format with public shows

2. In traditional format, but shared with parents via a 3 -camera edited video of the show

3. A virtual video story based residency. In this format we ship Green Screens, mics and cameras to your school and conduct the residency via Zoom. The result – amazing stories with the magic of green screen.  

BEST OF ALL – No Covid Worries – You can choose any of the 3 options right up until a couple of weeks before your residency takes place!  No need to decide now. It’s FLEXIBLE. You are guaranteed a great residency regardless of what is happening with Covid. (you can even move the dates if you need to).

Right now, we are supporting schools in preparing applications for the April 1 AFA deadline. Up to $15,000 per school is available. Rural funding is 75% of the fee and Calgary and Edmonton areas are 50%. Call now to book.

Trickster Theatre has done more than 1000 residencies over 30 years – and each one was customized to the school that hosted it. You can choose your own theme and involve up to 600 students from grades K-12. We provide lights, sound, curtains, props and costumes, or in the case of virtual residencies – video equipment. 

The best way to find out more or to book a residency is to schedule  a meeting with our Producing Director , to go over what it could look like at your school, and how it could be adapted to your theme and goals. We’ll look at all the options,  as well as the funding application process.

Once you decide to book,  we’ll help you with the AFA application. If you apply to the AFA and do not get funded, there is no obligation to do the residency. 

We look forward to creating a great custom residency experience for your school.

** The free virtual story telling workshops would need to be done in the fall of 2021 and will only be delivered to those schools that are approved for AFA funding (jury results made public by AFA typically at end of June 2021).

For more residency info see our website. call us a 403-288-9393 or email at [email protected] – We can make it happen by April 1