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Learning Through Diversity


We have chosen a program with Trickster Theatre from Calgary that will create learning opportunities for our Kindergarten to Grade six students through creating and performing an original play with around the theme of Learning Through Diversity. The theme will acknowledge and celebrate our differences and commonalities that can be expressed by everyone, regardless of age, class, or race. Each class will choose a unique and individualized focus of diversity to explore, as well as a section of the curriculum in which to place the setting or situation of their scene.

Scenes from the show might include a story about sound waves (Gr. 3 science) discovering that even though they are all different, they make better music when they all work together. Another might be a story about the way in which different cultures interpret the same historical event (social studies – events in history)
Students will be working with actors to create the production and there will be opportunities for all students in all aspects of theatrical production, including choreography, script writing, costume design. We look forward to having all students act in the final show.

340 Students Participating

Total Project Cost: $13,400
Funds raised so far... 25%

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