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In this residency we will create an original theatre production with all of our staff and students. Balwin’s theme for the residency will be on RIGOUR, RESILIENCY, RELATIONSHIPS and DIVERSITY. Our theme will guide students in developing their class scripts and productions through collaboration.

Each class will develop a story that highlights one of our themes. Every story created will take place in a location chosen by the class. So we could see a play about Resiliency on a mountain climbing expedition, or a story about the need for Diversity in reporting the news, or a story about the Rigours of training for the Olympics, or a story about Relationships on a trip to the moon.

During the development phase, students will face challenges with learning and incorporating all aspects of putting on a production. The residency will require students to follow through and overcome obstacles as well as develop relationships with their peers while respecting each other’s diverse backgrounds.

The final part of the residency will be performances showing everything we have created. Each student will be able to perform. If COVID is still around, Trickster will video the final show, edit it and then share it with the school and parents. If COVID prevents artists from being in the school, the company will deliver green screens, webcams, microphones and computers and will then shoot video based stories via Zoom and then edit and share them.

300 Students Participating

Total Project Cost: $15,600
Funds raised so far... 50%

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