Video Residencies

Trickster has made a “Pivot to Video”.   Yes, we have re-invented ourselves as a video production company as part of our adaptation to Covid.

For 2020-21 we are changing our residencies to telling video stories. (unless social distancing rules change).   To do this we are training all of our artists to be videographers. We’ll still be in your school, but will work on a different schedule to keep contact down and creativity high.  Click here to find out more.

We’ll be doing a lot of work on green screens. This is the technology that Hollywood uses to place people in any place they want. We’ll be bringing very big ones for the gym and small ones for classrooms.

We’ll be sharing the finished videos with parents via  password protected link a week after the residency is over. It’s pretty exciting to be working with all that technology!

The AFA has approved this format for schools with funding for 2020-21.