Ramsay School

The World Needs your Voice: Say Something


Teachers and students will specifically explore the theme through their own curriculum ties and as developmentally appropriate. For example, teachers will be exploring the Social Studies curriculum around the notion of local and global citizenship. First, understanding how voice is used to create & build classroom communities at the start of the year. This will be carried through in our Kindergarten and Gr. 1 classes, as students learn about their voices within their local community exploration (Ramsay) and our school community. Then, they will explore the voices of the Blackfoot people in Calgary. What can we learn from the Blackfoot voice? Our Gr. 5/6 students will examine “voice” in relation to democracy and inquire into those in Canada whose voices have been silenced throughout history, and those who have been heard. These groups include the Indigenous people, immigrant groups and women. The Gr. 4 students will examine this through the lens of Alberta’s past. The Gr. 2/3 students will examine children’s rights and how voice is a tool to support The UN Convention on the Rights of a Child. They will explore the voices of children living in Peru, India and the Ukraine.