Planning Your World Kindness Day

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How your Event Day looks to you and your school is up to you. You might decide to just stick with a couple of the activities for just one class or your school might want to take the time to make this particular event day stand out, making it more of a full school event.  We are here to support you to create whatever type of event day your choose! 

The Big Picture!

Sometown Something School has decided to have a full school event day planned for World Kindness Day! The classes each have planned their part of the event day, and they are all unique in some way. 

All of the classes have spent time researching the issues, looking at resources, and doing activities to help them create a presentation for the rest of the student body.

There is a kick-off with an assembly or announcements. One class stages a  protest through the halls. There is a radio call-in show broadcast throughout the school. The classes take turns going through environments set up by a couple of the other classes. Later in the afternoon, other classes broadcast performances over zoom or an assembly (poems, songs, skits) and the older grades close the day with an image based, narrated presentation (slide show, shadow, blacklight) to give voice to what moving forward with better understanding as students looks like, summarizing all that has been learned and explored that week.