Planning Your Women’s Day

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Purchase our artist support package and one of our artists will help you through all the Event Day activities.

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How your Event Day looks to you and your school is up to you. You might decide to just stick with a couple of the activities for just one class or your school might want to take the time to make this particular event day stand out, making it more of a full school event.  We are here to support you to create whatever type of event day your choose! 

The Big Picture!

Want to celebrate Women’s Day, but you don’t know where to start? We have got you covered to plan the Event Day of your dreams what will perfectly work for your class or whole school.  It’s completely up to you. 
Students will have so much fun researching and learning about the issues and then sharing their knowledge in a variety of ways, everything from with their class to digitally to the hallway to an assembly! We have great activity plans with a variety of different theatrical games and exercises that will help your students excel from the fear zone to the growth zone. You can choose from Podcast Activities to Living Museums to Choral Speech to Creating Your Own Environment and MORE!
Whether you just want to do one activity with just your class or  have several classes take part or even the whole school- Event Days is completely customizable to your level of commitment and schedule.