3-9 Storytelling | 2 Hrs Artist Support On-line

One of our artists will lead your class for 2, 75 minute sessions to create stories using our storytelling process. This is an online service.

We’ll use our story creation process to start from a picture prompt and generate a story. It is a simple, but very effective way to create a story. If your students have trouble getting “out of the picture”, then this is the program for you.  Together we’ll create stories that have great plot lines and wrap around a central question or problem.

In each session we’ll create a new story.

This is a new on-line service and is in a testing phase. That is why it is free at the moment.

You’ll need a computer hooked in to a Smartboard or projector to make the Jamboard and Google Meets windows visible to the class.

Maximum 2 classes per school as we have a limited number of spaces available.

After the booking is made, we’ll contact you to arrange dates.


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