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Gr. 3-9 Storytelling

One of our artists will lead your class in the creation of a group story using Trickster’s super fun and fast story development process. We’ll beam into your class using Google Meets and lead the session using Google Jamboard. We’ll have a brief meeting before the first workshop to select picture prompts, go over workshop details and answer any questions you may have.

After you check out, you will be able to pick your starting date from our calendar.

Time:  2- 75 Minute Sessions 

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We don’t choose the books we write; they choose us.”​

– Miriam Toews

To book more than one program: 

What is Storytelling?

  • An ancient artform
  • A form of human expression
  • Uses words to inspire the reader or listener’s imagination
  • Can transmit knowledge and history from generation to generation
  • Can be written, spoken or use gestures and expressions
  • Can teach ethics, morals and values
  • Can be from the storyteller’s imagination (fiction) or real experiences and knowledge (non-fiction)
  • Anyone can be a storyteller!

Program Outline

In each 75 minute session, we’ll use Google Meets to connect with your class and lead them in our story creation process. We’ll use Google Jamboard to share the process with the students as we go, which you will project on your smartboard or projector.

Our stories will be based off a picture prompt. We will select these pictures from our library during our set up sessions, or you can propose one of your own. We may use a different picture in each session, or may use 2 sessions to complete one story. We’ll do whatever is the best fit for the class.

The process we use will help us develop a full story from the picture prompt.  The steps in the process are outlined below. 

STEP 1: We’ll introduce the picture prompt and describe it as one frame from a movie. Our job is now to create the rest of frames in our story.

We’ll talk about who or what we see in the picture. What if there were more of them? What are the possible groups of characters or objects in our story?

STEP 2: We’ll look at movement patterns to imagine the story in motion. What could they be doing?

STEP 3: The students will generate story ideas based off our image and movement patterns, which we’ll put on the idea shelf. Then we’ll vote on our favourite option.

STEP 4: We will create a central problem for our story. We will formulate a “how” question around this problem, which we will answer when creating our story! By doing this, we are focusing our ideas, as everything in our story must relate to solving this central problem and answering our central question.

STEP 5 : The artist will ask students questions to lead them in the planning of the story. We will come up with ways to solve our central problem, as well as a beginning and an end to our story.

STEP 6: We will be build a roadmap of our story using the sticky notes, which we will then organize in a circle around the central problem.

STEP 7: Using the reorganized story shelf as a guide, the artist will work with 2 students at a time to tell the story, adding details and filling in the blanks as we go. The other students will be listening to the story, in order to add details to our storyboard after the first retelling. We will then repeat this process with other students.

The final assignment is up to you! Teachers have used the stories created in the workshop to get the students to create comic books, movies, scenes, tableaus or readers theatre. Students have also recorded themselves telling the story orally, or written the story out, perhaps changing the ending. You can use these stories to assess anything you’d like!


  • Read, write, represent and talk to explore and explain connections between prior knowledge and new information in oral, print and other media texts
  • Combine, share and discuss personal experiences and the knowledge and skills gained through previous experiences with oral, print and other media texts to understand new ideas and information
  • Contribute ideas to a discussion, and listen and respond constructively
  • Take responsibility for collaborating with others to achieve group goals
  • Address specific problems in a group by specifying goals, devising alternative solutions and choosing the best alternative
  • Explain own point of view about oral, print and other media texts
  • Seek the viewpoints of others to build on personal responses and understanding
  • Use pre-established criteria to provide support and feedback to peers on their oral, print and other media texts
  • Select and explain preferences for particular forms of oral, print and other media texts
  • Use talk, notes, personal writing and representing, together with texts and the ideas of others, to clarify and shape understanding
  • Develop own opinions based on ideas encountered in oral, print and other media texts
  • Connect and compare personal challenges and situations encountered in daily life with those experiences by people or characters in other times, places and cultures portrayed in oral, print and other media texts
  • Describe and discuss new places, times, characters and events encountered in oral, print and other media texts
  • Describe and discuss the influence of setting on the characters and events
  • Identify or infer reasons for a character’s actions or feelings
  • Make judgements and inferences related to events, characters, setting and main ideas of oral, print and other media texts
  • Recognize how words and word combinations, such as word play, repetition and rhyme, influence or convey meaning
  • Experiment with words, sentence patterns, imagery and exaggeration to create mood and mental images and use detail to enhance character, setting and action.
  • Use an increasing variety of words to express and extend understanding of concepts related to personal interest and topics of study
  • Produce oral, print and other media texts that follow a logical sequence, and demonstrate clear relationships between character and plot
  • Use own experience as a starting point and source of information for fictional oral, print and other media texts
  • Organize ideas and information, using appropriate categories, chronological order, cause and effect, or posing and answering questions to link ideas and information and to assist audience understanding
  • Recognize gaps in gathered information and suggest additional information needed for a particular audience and purpose
  • Ask for and evaluate the usefulness of feedback and assistance from peers
  • Revise to provide focus, expand relevant ideas and eliminate unnecessary information
  • Present to peers ideas and information on a topic of interest, in a well-organized form
  • Adjust volume, tone of voice and gestures appropriately to engage the audience
  • Give constructive feedback, ask relevant questions, and express related opinions in response to oral and visual presentations
  • Compare own and others’ responses to ideas and experiences related to oral, print and other media texts
Classroom or Group Setting:
  • Smartboard or projector or TV
  • Internet access and Google Meets
  • One computer with working microphone and webcam
  • 30 minute tech setup session with your Trickster to work out details
  • Print out 2 storyboard worksheets per student
  • Willingness to provide feedback to Trickster

29 in stock

29 in stock

What Teachers are Saying

Trickster Theatre does it again! Their online storytelling workshop was a huge success for my class and a creative way to work around the COVID restrictions that prevent guests from being present in schools. Clear and engaging resources were shared with us to support the process of story creation and telling during the workshop. We have used these resources several times in Language Arts class since! Our instructor Dani was engaging, spoke clearly, and demonstrated amazing classroom management skills...from a Chromebook! The students were challenged to think about storytelling in novel ways that brought out fun and creative ideas. Thank you Dani and thank you Trickster Theatre!

- Sabrena, Parkview School, Edmonton


If you are looking for a new, active way of getting your students to write, the residency is spectacular. It takes everyone out of their comfort zone to get them to experience the story before writing it. Fantastic! 

- Valérie, Banff Trail School, Calgary


Our Trickster artist, Alyson, was a cheerful, encouraging individual. She ensured all students voices were heard and she was focused on her goals during the presentation.

Renee, Fort Saskatchewan School, Ft Saskatchewan


Thank you for another great week of learning and writing! Can't wait to see what happens between now and your next visit. 

- Teacher, École Joe Clark, High River


As the week unfolded I could see the benefits of providing the movement patterns and the time to orally rehearse before writing. 

- Teacher, Elbow Park School, Calgary


Thank you for coming into our classroom. My students were very excited to write their own stories after these workshops.

- Teacher, Highwood School, Calgary


My class of diverse learners enjoyed this virtual field trip on storytelling. The ability to choose the final project allows the students to choose to do the retelling orally, pictorially, or in writing. The choice was their big buy-in factor. The storyboard pages are wonderful to let students make the choice in how they present the information (pictorially, written or a mix of both!) Our facilitator was kind, funny and kept the class on task. I wholly recommend this program to anyone looking to help teach students how to expand on an idea and provide more details. I will want to do this every year!

Tara, Meyonohk School, Edmonton


This is a wonderful resource - especially for grade 6 teachers. It is a great way to practice developing a story from a picture prompt, which is exactly what is expected of students on the Language Arts PAT.

- Sarah, Noble Central School, Noble


This was a great way for students to collaborate as a group to create an interesting story based on the class' input. The entire class was enthusiastic about the story telling process and were very engaged during the entire process.

- Janet, Hawkwood School, Calgary


Thank you for coming into our classroom. My students were very excited to write their own stories after these workshops.

- Jamie, Rainbow Creek Elementary School


My Grade 4 class had so much fun letting their creativity and imagination run wild with Jenny (our artist)! The workshop process encouraged my students to practice skills such as brainstorming ideas, developing a logical sequence of events, and editing and refining ideas to create a story with a clear and seamless beginning, middle, and end. I can't wait to build these skills and strategies into my own narrative writing workshops.

- Meagan, Jennie Emery Elementary School, Coaldale


My class loved doing this story creating with Trickster Theatre!!

- Genelle, Lee Ridge School, Edmonton


We use picture prompts all of the time and my kids have really struggled this year to write stories about them. I think this process will allow them to think about creating stories in a new and different way!

- Teacher, Rideau Park School, Edmonton


Trickster Theatre... you guys ROCK!!! You came to our school prior to COVID for an in-person one-week theatre experience, and it was so incredible!! Now you have come back for a virtual storytelling workshop that was engaging and entertaining! Even my weakest students were excited to get on the chromebooks and tell their version of the story that they collectively created during the workshop! This technique with the jamboard was new to me, but I am very excited to learn how to integrate that into my teaching in the future. Thanks again Trickster... and I cannot wait to have you back in my classroom again as soon as possible!  

- Lisa, Rideau Park Elementary, Edmonton


This was a great way to get students thinking deeper about how to tell interesting stories, as well as to encourage students to work together to build a story that incorporates many ideas!

- Kelsey, Meyonohk School, Edmonton


Alyson (our artist) was very energetic and positive. My class came away with 2 story plans and excitement to write stories!

- Lisa, Central High Sedgewick Public School, Sedgewick


My class was engaged the whole lesson and excited to complete the storyboard. The story board made the whole process accessible to those students who are not able to write with ease- they drew and wow- did they talk about their creations- for some a first. Thank you Jennifer (Artist)!

- Oldnall, Thickwood Heights School, Fort McMurray


The Storytelling Workshop was a wonderful experience for my Grade 3 French Immersion students! The class was engaged, eager to participate, and every student was able to contribute. Our presenter did a great job of guiding students to create a complete story as well as demonstrating and encouraging students to revise their ideas with additional details. Students will be able to draw on this experience to help them write their own stories in the future.

- Jade, École Parc Elementaire, Fort Saskatchewan


Ben led an excellent storytelling workshop. He listened to student voices and incorporated all of their ideas into one cohesive story. He redirected and guided students to tell the story on their terms and captured their stories beautifully. It was a great experience for the students and I highly recommend it.

- Jennifer, Cambrian Heights School, Calgary


This was such a surprising and insightful way to get students to think so much deeper about story creation. I loved the step-by-step processes (idea shelf, central problem, the question cube, and putting the story in order) and how detailed they were. It helped the kids to reflect more profoundly on the ways they can improve their storytelling. The kids really enjoyed the one on one oral storytelling too. This whole process will be the method I use from now on.

Ben was an amazing facilitator as well; he was engaging, funny, knowledgeable, and was great with my students. Thank you!

- Spencer, École Parc Élémentaire, Fort Saskatchewan


What an amazing program; I’m definitely going to continue using this format of storytelling with my students!

- Pei Yun, Brentwood School, Calgary


This was an amazing experience for my students who have been online all year. The presenter did a fantastic job gaining their attention, and created a safe space where everyones answers were valid! All my students were engaged, including those who are sometimes shy with guest teachers!

- Michelle, Brentwood School, Calgary


It was wonderful to have my students create again with Trickster. We learn so much by stepping back and watching our students engage and create. The activities are very student-led and students really feel ownership of the final project. Liam was engaging and energetic and yet, clearly focussed on timelines to create a finished group plan in a given time.

- Melanie, Caernarvon School, Edmonton


Students were engaged in this unique online, storytelling experience! The photo prompt allowed their ideas to flow, and the set up of the lesson allowed them to collaborate to create a strong beginning, middle and end.

- Mandie, SouthPoint School, Fort Saskatchewan


The story-telling workshop was an interesting and different way to engage my students in brainstorming. The use of the jamboard was effective in pulling out important events and details. My students really enjoyed this experience and many wrote longer and more detailed stories as a result.

- Elizabeth, C.P. Blakely School, Sylvan Lake


The Trickster Writing session with Sean was so great! Sean's enthusiasm and genuine attitude was something the students responded to, even through the technology! The students produced a creative and compelling story within an hour with a concrete beginning, middle, and end that they were proud of. Highly recommend!

- Janessa, Eastbrook School, Brooks


Storytelling with Trickster was beyond my expectations! Our leader engaged the students in storytelling with a focus on organization in a way that was new and exciting. Students worked collaboratively to generate ideas and answer a pivotal question that developed the story. Even weeks after the 1st session, students remembered the storyline they created AND specific details of the story! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!

- Shawna, Dr. Roberta Bondar School, Calgary


The workshop was enjoyable for both my students and I. My students were inspired to add details to a story and, even though they worked on the base ideas together as a class, each student was able to add their own spin to the story. The movement breaks and games made the experience fun for students. Many of my students were so engaged they couldn't wait to share their ideas and to write their stories down when the workshop session finished.

- Carole, Rosary School, Manning


Our students are all online and come from Beaumont, Leduc, New Sarepta, Calmar, Thorsby, Devon.

This was a highly engaging presentation and gave so many useful ideas to add to a teacher's writing toolbox!

- Erin & Kelly, Blackgold Distance Learning School


My students are such a creative bunch, and this storytelling workshop really challenged them to compromise, work together, and be flexible to create a class story. The process is so natural yet structured. The students responded well to the guiding questions, movement patterns and pace of the workshop.

- Cherlyn, Centennial School, Edmonton


Even I was taking down notes on the process the whole time! It's such a creative way to approach picture prompts. I've never seen more imaginative and complex ideas in any of my classes.

- Kathleen, Thorncliffe School, Edmonton


This program was amazing for me and my students. I highly recommend it for any teacher, but especially if you are preparing for the grade 6 PAT's. This is a must for those teachers!

- Megan, Scott Robertson School, Edmonton


What a wonderful experience to have virtual storytelling workshops in our online classroom! This was a great way for students to experience brainstorming in a new way, and helped many students plan and organize their writing well. Thank you!

- Sarah, Duggan School, Edmonton


Trickster Theatre Storytelling sessions were amazing! The students came up with such creative ideas and stories all from one picture prompt. I will absolutely use this method in my teaching practice for years to come.

- Megan, St. John Bosco Catholic School, Grande Prairie


This was an excellent opportunity for our students. We were stepped through the storytelling process in a fun and engaging way that made the learning accessible for all students. I would for sure have this program again to help work students through the storytelling process.

- Jessica, Black Gold Distance Learning School, Leduc


The experience was wonderful. It was great to see the process of the workshop in action through direct modelling of each step and then to hear the students creative ideas being heard and used in the story. There were so many great take aways - some that I wrote down were the 'beyond the picture' idea, a moment of time, looking at the question to solve focus and 2 in 1 storytelling. My students volunteered to take part and participate and were happy to be part of it. This is a useful experience for our students in the creative writing process and story development for language arts. Plus it was wonderful to have that birds eye view of the students in the setting and working through it.

- Angela, Youngstown School, Edmonton


My students had an amazing time collaborating with each other and the Trickster Theatre artist to create two very unique and hilarious stories! I was amazed at their creativity and ability to come up with such detailed ideas on the spot. Would definitely do it again!

- Sarah, Westgate School, Calgary


Thank you for providing this Writers Workshop. My grade 3/4 students had a fantastic experience. Our instructor, Madelaine Knight, was energetic, upbeat and very positive. The sessions that we attended provided a welcome change of pace for our online learning. Madelaine encouraged the students to share their ideas and she knew when it was time for a movement break. She inspired some reluctant writers to complete the story that we had brainstormed as a group, without it having been assigned. Thank you for a great experience!

- Jennifer, Midnapore School, Calgary


I would like to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the opportunity to grow as an educator over the last week. We had the loveliest Trickster Theatre artist join our classroom for two inspiring sessions. My students were engaged, enthusiastic, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I learned how to bring a picture prompt alive and how to guide my students through the plot of a shared writing task.

Our artists was exceptional throughout my time spent learning from her. She has a wonderful tone with students, drew them in when they were slightly off track and kept them in the palms of her hands. The movement breaks she embedded in the schedule meant my students were able to focus on each task. When a problem arose, she was professional, patient, and calm. I think Trickster Theatre is lucky to have such a person on its team.

Thank you very much for reaching out to CBE schools and staff. Our classroom greatly benefited from the experience.

- Michelle, Sunalta School, Calgary


We absolutely LOVED our storytelling workshops with Alexa and Taylor! They were engaging, creative and so much fun! I hope to be able to do these workshops with my students every year. Thank you so much!

- Mikayla, École Champs Valee, Beaumont/Leduc


This was a fun and engaging story-writing activity for my class as we were learning online. The process is creative and would be something I would like to try again.

- Andrea, Dr. Roberta Bondar School, Calgary


For grade 4 Distance Learning this was a breath of fresh air for my students. The majority of my class was actively engaged and excited to be involved in the story planning process. The ideas that came from the planning process were wonderful and produced more content than what has been given on various other writing assignments. I would highly recommend this session to be done with your class! Especially with Narrative and Storytelling writing!

- Keanna, 4K Distance Learning, Leduc


Storytelling with Trickster Theatre was fun and engaging. Such a great step by step process to help my students develop a story. Using a picture prompt and then gradually adding ideas, a problem and resolution and details as a group was super successful! Thanks so much, especially to our very patient artist leader, Alecia!

- Kim, Wildwood School, Calgary


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